The Three Types of Rock

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The Three Types of Rock

Definition: They form when the texture and composition of solid rock are changed by tempature, pressure, or chemicsl processes.Chracteristics: Strong rocks, made of different minerals than other kinds of rocks, have a wide range of color and luster, and have a striped appearance.

Some examples include gneiss and marble.

Some examples are sandstone and shale.

Definition: Types of rock that are formed by the buildup of material at Earth's surfaces and in bodies of water.Chracteristics: They're generally arranged in layers of sandy or clayey material, usually the color of sediment(light brown to light gray), may contain fossils.

The Three Types of RockBy: Amber Pierce

Sedimentary Rock

Metamorphic Rock

Definition: Forms from the cooling and hardening of magma.Chracteristics: Strong rocks, and mainly white, black, gray, or pale in color.

Some examples include basalt and pumice.

Igneous Rock


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