The Three Main Cycles of Ecology

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Cycles & Processes

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The Three Main Cycles of Ecology

The Three Main cycles of Ecology

This video has a funny catchy tune that will help you memorize the water cycle, for future needs.

Food Webs and Food chains

The water Cycle


Worms are another good examples of organisms tath help continue the cycle of recycling plant and animal remains.

Both of theses photos are good examples of how the water cycle flows. First water evaporates from lakes and oceans. Then the water condenses to form clouds. The clouds then are carried by the wind. Finally the cloud percipitates and the cycle starts all over again. During this process we may interfere through domestic use. For example we may take that water to use for sewage treatment or even clean energy. When the water is put back there is a large chance it could be polluted.

In the process of decomposing all of the resources borrowed by Earth's creatures must be returned through death in order to fully retun them decomposeres must bkeak down these materials andrelease their chemicals so they will be available for further generations of organisms.

Food webs and chains are very important becuase they show the complexity of the relationships between organism's and the importance of the suvival of everyone and the consequences if they do not.



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