The Three Little Pigs Mini-Unit

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The Three Little Pigs Mini-Unit

It has been speculated that this story comes from the Grimm's tale, The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids. The Three Little Pigs shares many similarities with this tale. It may also be noted that pigs do not have hair on their chin, but goats do have beards.

The Three Little Pigs

Published by J. Jacobs in 1896. This volume contained a more popular version.

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

James Orchard Halliwell traveled through England collecting the traditional oral stories told to children in the nursery. Hence, the name "nursery rhymes" was coined. While most of the works he collected were, what we think of today as rhymes, written in verse; he also included a few tales told in prose. In the preface to the fifth addition of his book The Nursery Rhymes of England, Sir Halliwell tells us his reasons for collecting the oral stories and writing them down. "Truth is, I would not give one tear shed over Little Red Riding Hood for all the benefit to be derived from a hundred histories of Jemmy Goodchild. I think the selfish tendencies will be soon enough acquired in this arithmetical age; and that, to make the higher class of character, our own wild fictions—like our own simple music—will have more effect in awakening the fancy and elevating the disposition, than the colder and more elaborate compositions of modern authors and composers."Deeply impressed with this truth, and firmly convinced of the "imagination-nourishing" power of the wild and fanciful lore of the old nursery, I have spared no labour in collecting the fragments which have been traditionally preserved in our provinces. The object is not so much to present to the reader a few literary trifles, though even their curiosity and value in several important discussions must not be despised, as to rescue in order to restore; a solemn recompense due from literature for having driven them away; and to recall the memory to early associations, in the hope that they who love such recollections will not suffer the objects of them to disappear with the present generation."

James Orchard Halliwell













Culmunating Activity The students will work in small groups to create their own version of The Three Little Pigs. They will use all steps of the writing process to publish an illustrated book. The group will then read the book to the kindergarten class.


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