The Three Degrees of the Sacraments of Holy Orders

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The Three Degrees of the Sacraments of Holy Orders

The Three Degrees of the Sacrament of Holy Orders

Priests can celebrate five out of the seven sacraments. Priests serve the community in various ways. They preside at liturgies, preach, administer the sacraments, counsel people, serve as pastors, and teach.


Deacons can only celebrate two of the sacraments- Baptism and Matrimony. They help and serve bishops by serving the needs of the Church, proclaiming the gospel, teaching and preaching, baptizing, witnessing marriages, and assisting the priest celebrant at liturgies.

A bishop receives the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. He is the head or Ordinary of the local church. The local area entrusted to him is called a diocese. A bishop is also a member of the episcopal college.



Form ' Matter The matter of the sacrament of Holy Orders is the laying on of hands. The form is the prayer of consecration appropriate to the degree of Holy Orders being received.


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