[2015] Nicolas Rea: The thought of high windows

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[2015] Nicolas Rea: The thought of high windows

The Thought of High WindowsBy, Lynne Kositsky

Making Connections


Although difficult to make connections with a different gender and a different time period I was able to notice the little things like common problems and her daily struggle. A main point was how she was dealing with her problems although being radicle she also thought out and planned her escapes. She also showed percereverince and strength and it paid off.

I found the main theme of the book to be Strength and Persistance. this is demonstrated throughout the book and ultimitley leads to her saviour.

Visualizing.I found visualizing the easiest reading strategy to apply because of how easy it was to think of the images in my head and it made more sureal and therefore more realistic. It mainly helped me imagine the mood of the book, i imagined dark skies and not very happy people.

"Gott imm himmel," I heard him murmur, as he looked around, God in heaven, even though we werent supposed to speak german, only the French we were learning with such diffuculty." (Kositsky 17)

I looked back and they were gaining, they were onto us, I debated on running but that would give us away imediatly, but eventually had to stop, "Esther... no".(Kositsky 96)

Anti-sematic messages were scrawled across the the sidewalks, gangs of youths rampaged through the streets for amusement. Nazi Pigs! i thought visciously. (Kositsky 74)


The novel was well written and has a very good story i think this is expressed by how easily I began to enjoy the the novel and its charectors. I felt i could relate to certain aspects and get a grasp on the real message behind the story.


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