The Things They Carried

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The Things They Carried

The Things They CarriedBy: Tim O'BrienChapter: The Ghost Soldiers

first person point of viewSetting: Headquarters Company -- S-4 (the battalion supply section)Mood: The place is laid back and relaxed with easy, minimal, duties, but with O'Brien set on revenge there is anger

Protagonist: Tim O'BrienTim O'Brien's desire is to have revenge on Bobby Jorgenson for almost letting him die when he got shot. Conflict: Tim O'Brien wants revenge on Jorgenson and is dealing with lots of hatred on the inside.

ThemeForgiveness is the righteous path over revenge.

Text StructureO'Brien tells the stories in several short paragraphs. Sometimes he tells things that happened before and somethings that happened after. At the end everything he has told connects like a puzzle.

Author's TechniqueDiction: full of feeling Figurative Language: he explains that on night duty your mind wanders and imagines things such as "ghosts". They are soldiers that aren't really there, but also a methaphorical nickname for the enemy soldiers.Imagery: He describes in detail getting shot. He describes what the world looks like when your about to die. He says the very last thing you may see is a blade of grass or a small pebble. Repetition: He often repeats telling the story of how he got shot and went into shock and Jorgenson almost let him die. He always tells of his revenge and anger and how much hatred he has for Jorgenson. Symbolism: Revenge is a strong symbol. Also, the "ghost" soldiers. This article talks about the lore of ghosts that have arisen after the Vietnam War. The country is steeped in stories.

Although this song was not written about this type of revenge it all goes back to the same thing: exacting it. In the song Taylor Swift won but Tim O'Brien didn't.


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