The Theory of Evolution and Creationism

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by AprilPriller
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Evolutionary Biology

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The Theory of Evolution and Creationism

The Theory of Evolution and CreationismAmerica and AfricaBy April Priller

Evolution:A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

The theory of evolution was created by Charles Darwin. This theory was made when Darwin was studying Finches, and their food sources.

The theory of Creationism has been around for thousands of years, and the followers believe God has made man, the way we are now, with no evolution.

The Definition of Creationism:A theory holding that matter, the various forms of life, and the world were created by God out of nothing.


Evolution in America:The topic of evolution is very heated and tends to turn ugly in America. Since a more open-minded generation has formed, more people are open to the idea of evolution. And now public schools teach evolution to expand the views of on-going adults.

Creationism:The Omoro tribe are not as dedicated to religion as much as America. They have a god,Waqa, but their religion is blended with others, and they worship as needed. They are accepting of other cultures, but some elders of the tribes are willing to stay the old way, and not change. They mix with Christian and Muslims, and they only have one god, so the have somewhat of the same values as Christains and Muslims.

Evolution:The topic of evolution is not really discussed or argued as much, in the Omoro's tribe. The people who live there are living proof of evolution, and how their immune systems are more active then ours. They aren't very educated in evolution,25% percent of people in the Omoro tribe knew who Charles Darwin was. Keeping it at mind, they are the largest group that makes up the Ethiopian tribe!

Creationism:A poll was taken, and showed most republicans and regular church goers are creationist!The strict church goers are not always willing to learn about evolution. They often refer the creation of the world to the book of Genesis.

Evolution:Even though Africa is on the way to an understanding of evolution, we share a similar taste of discovery as we do. In South Africa a poll said 41% was with evolution and is in a process of growing too! With Africa being the homeland of evolution, they want a more greater understanding of the process.Creationism:In stricter religious communities, both Africa, and America, they are not ready to devolpe an understanding in evolution. Together though, they are starting to be a little more open minded, and not quick to judge the process.

Did you know:46% believe in Creationism39% believe in evolutionand15% percent believe in evolution, but with God's guidance.


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