The Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments

THE SIXTH COMMANDMENTThis commandment protects marrige and family. It is against relations between unmarried people. It is also against masturbation, pronography, and contraception.

The Ten Commanndments


THE SECOND COMMANDMENTYou shall not use God's name in a disrespectful manner ( or names of any holy figures). ie- No false promises, swearing, or perjury.

THE FIRST COMMANDMENTYou shall believe in and worship God. Stay away from anything that rejects God , such as superstition, idolatry or blasphemy. Avoid "Making a god" out of material things or putting anything in front of God.

THE THIRD COMMANDMENTWorship God at mass on Sundays. Rest from work in order to nourish the family, social, cultural, and religious aspects of our lives. Allow others to rest as well.

THE FOURTH COMMANDMENTSupport the good of all family members. Children are called to respect thier parenets and their parents are called to respect them by providing them what they need spiritually, mentally,phsically, and education wise. Also childeren are called to respect other authorities with dignity and they should do likewise.

THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENTGod is the ultimate owner and made the world's goods to benefit everyone. This also forbids slavery and is to protect everyone's possessions from being taken without permisson.

THE EIGHTH COMMANDMENTWe are called to be truthful in everything we do and say. We should not harm the reputation of others. We are called to share the truth that has been revealed in Jesus Christ.

THE NIGHTH COMMANDMENTAgainst greediness. Entertaining the idea of being with someone else's partner is a sin which leads to the act. Coveting leads to adultry.

THE TENTH COMMANDMENTAgainst greediness. This cammand is ment to keep our lives from becoming a lives full of envy and people who are possessed by their possesions.

THE FIFTH COMMANDMENTAbortion, euthnasia, suicide, and murder is prohibited. Self defense is only to be used at LAST resort. Capitol punishment and war should be avoided if possible. Violations include spreding weapons, physical harms, being mean, rumors, bullies, anyting that can cause harm to another person.


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