[2014] Mustafa Ismail (LoCelso Geography Pd4): The Tell Tale Heart

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[2014] Mustafa Ismail (LoCelso Geography Pd4): The Tell Tale Heart

The Tell Tale HeartBy Edgar Allan Poe

The narrator has a strong obsession with the old man who lives with him because the old man has a plae blue eye with a film over it. His obsession manifests into a hatred which pushes him to thoroughaly plan and execute the killing of the old man during the night and then dismembering and concealing his body under the floorboards in their house.The next day when the police arrive to inspect the house , they are assured everything is okay, but the narrator becomes convinced that he can hear the dead old man's heart beating beneath the floorboard, so he thinks the police men can hear the beating too and thus he confesses to committing murder.

The climax in this story would be when the protagonist runs into the old man's bedroom to kill him. The events that led up to this were when the man opened the door just enough to let light shine on the eye and when the old man felt the appearance of the man, and sat in his bed in complete fear. This is the climax because this is when the old man is scared to death and lets out a loud scream, while the man is happy to finally murder this old man.

The setting in the story is the house in which the old man and the narrtor live in, but most of the story takes place in the old man's chambers where the narrator watches the old man for days before finally commiting the murder. The house they live in is probably very old since he was able to remove the floorboard easily. The strory probably took place in the 19 th century since the short story was published in 1843.



The protagonist is the character that has become very ill and desires to kill the old man that he lives with. The protagonist is a man that has a problem with the old man's blue "vulture" eye, as he describes it. The protagonist obsession with his eye turns into hatred and now he will go through desperate measures to get rid of it. The man plans for a whole week to get rid of the eye and on the 8th day, he decides to kill the old man and get rid of the eye forever.

.The antagonist in this story is the narrator and it is much more suiting to place him in this position. It is easier to condemn him for murder versus sympathize for his mental illness but his illness prevented him from living past that eye and then made him give in the guilt that pressed him once the police showed up. In any way however he did antagonize the old man to death making his mind a barrier to his life.




Guilt and Morality simmer down to this stories main theme and subject. The narrator describes the eye as a vulture and other words to put him self in the defensive and making the murder seem in self defense but once the police show up his house consciousness catches up to him and the heartbeat through the floor boards is an symbol for the guilt he feels for killing the innocent old man. We can take from this story that even the most senseless of murderers can give in to guilt from his past crimes whether it be the heart beat of the dead man or something else that will bring them to confession

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