The Television

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The Television

In1950, (which was considered the "golden age of television") more people started buying TVs, and by the end of 1951 there were over 8,000,000 TVs in the USA! At the end of the decade, they came out with the 21-inch black and white set was (about $200) and the 21-inch color set (almost $500.) They also added legs to the sets.

How Technoloy has ChangedPART TWO

There was a very big change in the television in the 1990s.Some would say it was an age of technological change. Some famous shows such as “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “Twin Peaks” and “The Simpsons.” began being showed on TV. Companies like Plasma and LCD began creating bigger screened TVs, with better features. For example, Parental Control.

There were not many changes with the TV in the 1980's, except for the screen being slightly bigger. The VCR, and other game consoles such as Nintendo were invented, to play games, and watch movies in your own home, and record TV programs.

1978 was the last year that black and white TVs were manufactured. Also in the 1970s, the first at home video game ,(called Pong) was created to hook up to your television set. The price of a TV also rose to about $400-$700.

The first television was invented in 1939. They were tall boxes with a 12" screen. At that time,there were not many things broadcasted on TV except for radio stations that had adjusted to being on TV instead. It was also used as propoganda for WWII

The Televison

The First Televison

In the 1960's, there were approximately 200 televisions million around the world. The 1960 models also had legs, and a slightly bigger screen for easier sight. By now, there were many shows on TV, including: Sesame street, I love Lucy, the Ed Sullivan show, and the Lone Ranger.

In the late 1940's after the war, the economy was strong and television sales were booming, and two new models were created. They were tabletop designs, and took up less space.

1940 tabletop design

21" Colour Set

1960 set with longer legs

1980 TV

1990s Television

Finally in the 2000s, advanced technology helped companies make a better picture, larger screens, and flat screen designs to save space. American Idol came along, and was a big hit. DVD players were invented to replace VHS. Followed by HD DVD and Blu-ray for better quality movies. TV programs also became available online.

2007 flat screen TV



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