The Television

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The Television


First Television Commercial

The Television

NBC was one of the first tv channels and providers. In this picture NBC is presenting color television


People used the television as a form of entertainement and information they could watch the news, shows, movies etc. When World War II was happening it was used for news and information.

Fun fact:The televisionwas used as a small propaganda machine!


This is how the television originally looked in the 1927's

Above is the radio which people were listening to in the 1920's for news, shows etc.

Name art

How it worked,why?

Before there were flat screen tv's with cables and applications there was the radio. In the 1920's people would listen to shows, news and music. They didn't think they would need much else, but then the tv was invented

The television was invented in 1927 and it was invented by a man named Philo T Farnsworth. It was said that"few inventions had as much affect on contemporary America as much as television

The television was important because television gave people a new sense of technology, and i believe it revolutionized the way people thought about technology.

Why was it Important?

The first electronic television 1927


This is how the most modern television looks today, it's touch screen and has many more features such as Apple Tv.This an example of how technology has evolved


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