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The Telescope

Their UsesTelescopes and binoculars were created in order to make distant objects appear larger.Telescopes and bincoculars have been used for a multutide of reasons from star gazing to birdwatching to viewing operas. Their most notable use since the 16oo's has been in astronomy. One of the most famous telescopes in the world is the Hubble Space Telescope and has been orbiting the Earth since 1990.

3 Main Types:

The Telescope

(and the Binoculars)

How They Work+Extras

Binoculars are really just two short refracting telescopes put together.

Picture taken by Hubble Space Telescope




Refracting TelescopesAdvantages: - simple design allows easy useDisadvantages:- can be heavy - longer body makes storage difficult- usually more expensive

Reflecting TelescopesAdvantages:- compact, making for easy storage- more affordableDisadvantages:- mirrors need to be re-aligned regularly

Compound TelescopesAdvanatges:- usually compact and portable- benefits of mirrors and lensesDisadvantages:- may cause image shift or a jump in focus

How they work: In-DepthRefracting:1. light enters an objective lens at one end2. the lens refracts the light to a focal point3. image formed is magnified by the eyepieceReflecting:1. light enters at one end2. light is reflected by a concave mirror at the other end3. reflected light rays refelct off a secondary mirrror4. secondary mirror reflects light to the eyepieceCompound:1. light enters at one end through a primary lens2. light rays are reflected by a primary mirror3. relfected rays refelct off a secondary mirror placed in the center of the primary lens4. light is refelected towards a hole in the primary mirror and into the eyepiece

Who Invented the Telescope? The first telescope and first pair of binoculars ever built was created by a spectacle maker named, Hans Lippershey in 1608. Galileo is best known for having invented the Refracting telescope in 1609.Issac Newton later went on to create another version of the telescope, the Reflecting telescope in 1668.Finally in 1930 German astronomer Bernhard Schmidt invented the Catadioptric or Compound telescope. .


How they work: GeneralTelescopes and binoculars work much like the eye does. They gather light from a lens, focus the image, and project it to our eyes, however telescopes are different in the fact that they can magnify images much better than our eyes could.


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