The Telephone

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The Telephone

The Telephone

The invention of the telephone was important because it influenced later inventions, and allowed better communication. Before telephones live communication, besides face to face was not possible, or atleast not easily possible

Bell invented the telephone while trying to improve the telegraph. Bell also invented the speaker to be used for the phone. Bell once said his invention was a distraction from his scientific career and the passion he once had for teaching.

The firtst telephone was invented in 1876, and the first call was madebetween Bell and Mr. Watson where Bell said "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you".


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History of the telephone

"Before anything else,preparation is the key to success"

Alexander Graham Bell iscredited with inventing the first telephone. Before he invented the telephone he taught to the deaf. One of his students was Mabel Hubbard and despite their 10 year age difference they fell in love and married in 1877, they had four children but two died as infants. While teaching he starting researching methods to transmit telegraph messages over a single wire, which later led to the telephone invention.

Alexander Graham Bell

First telephone

Bell demonstrates telephone

Facts1. The first phone book was only 20 pages 2.5% of people have used a phone booth in 2015 3. Ahoy was the original telephone greetng 4. Bell also invented the phrase "to put someone on hold"


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