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The Telephone

The Telephone

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The telephone is a device for communication which has the ability to transmit sounds and voices both through and without wires. People needed a reliable and quick way to share information and messages. Many systems were to vunerable to weather while others were to dangerous, thus the invention of telephone would come. This device lets people communicate with others no matter where they live. The world has become interconnected due to this device.

In 1837 the first electric telegraph was invented. It was created by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail. This device could transmit messages through electric pulses in wires to send a message. You would hit a damper to turn on and off the electric current. With the Morse Code system (which was created by Samuel and Alfred as well), the device could hypothetically transmit a message from New York to San Francisco almost instantly. The first transmission was on May 24th, 1844. Samuel (whom was in Washington D.C) sent a message to Alfred, who was waiting in Baltimore, saying: "What hath God wrought?" The Pony Express and many similar communication systems were discontinued after telegraph wires were set up from coast to coast in October of 1861. Improvements of the system would soon follow more efficient telegraphs.

March 10, 1876 would be the date when the age of the telegraph ends and the age of the telephone comes to light. On that day, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Augustus Watson created the world's first telephone. The first transmission was between the two men in two different rooms. "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you." were the words, and they were loud and clear. The telephone had a bell to speak into and the other person would have a receiver to listen from. The sound of your voice or vibrations is converted into electricity. When it reaches the receiver, it is turned back into sounds that the receiver will recognize. Due to the easier use, cheaper production costs and better range, the telephone soon began to replace the telegraph. In 2013 the last telegraph system was shut down in India, ending the age of the telegraph forever. The design would improve making it smaller and more efficient and easier to use.

Before the telephone, telegram, or any kind of device that helped with communication at long-distance existed, there were only two ways to communicate. Either through speech or writing. For both to exist there is the need for language. It is unknown what was the first language as there is no written record of it and the definition of "language" varies between person to person. However, speech and writing (in books or newspapers) would be the only way to communicate. Gutenberg's printing press would make it easier to print books and newsprint. It won't be until the 19th century when the way we communicate will be revolutionized.

The other way people communicated was through signals, like drumbeats, smoke or flags. However, these were limited due to weather or other phenomenons that we had no control over. They were also limited to distance for communication. In the 1790s, semaphores were created. They were towers with large signal letters and numbers and two telescopes. This increased the range. However, they were still susceptible to the weather and visibility like their precursor. The Pony Express was a system to send messages between the two coasts of the USA. However, this was a dangerous system and the message wasn't guaranteed to arrive at its destination.

The mobile phone would be the next milestone in the history of the telephone. It would be invented on April 3rd, 1973 by Martin Cooper for the company Motorola. This device would be used the exactly the same way as a telephone except without wires. This meant people could literally communicate wherever they were that is if you had access to a nearby signal tower. The design of the phone would become smaller, yet have more capabilities as the competition in the phone market grows. Text messaging, use applications like games, calculators, camera, etc., and internet access increased demand for the product. The current three largest mobile phone manufacturers are Samsung, Apple and Nokia.

The telephone is an amazing device that has connected the world together. They now have farther range and more capabilities than ever before. This device is used in our daily life to communicate, entertain and do many other things. The cellphone is like a swiss army knife, having the tools of many things like calculators, cameras, mp3 players, etc. The device revolutionized how we shared information now that it could be shared more rapidly than before, leading to the current world we live in.

By: Kevin Hua


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