The Telephone

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The Telephone

How Technology Has ChangedPART ONE

Finally in 1984 along came the first cellular phone called the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Next came The Motorola StarTAC flip phone, which was a smaller design and had a screen when flipped up. It could be used outisde of your house using an antenna

The First Phone

The push button Phone

Next came the rotary phone, in the 1960s, which had a dial you spun to the number you wanted to dial. After that was the push button phone, where you could finally press the numbers to dial.

The Rotary Phone

The Telephone

The very first telephone was invented in 1876 byAlexander Graham Bell. It was one peice, and you would lift it and speak into a round mouthpeice to talk.In 1890s the first two-peice telephone called the "candlestick phone" was created. You could detach a mouth peice to speak into the phone.

Sometime in the 1960s, the answering machine was invented. Back then it was just a smal casette tape that recorded messages, but was eventually upgraded to digital ones. With this invention, people could now leave you short messages that you could listen to later if you didn't answer your telephone

The Portable Phone

In the 1980s, the portable phone was invented. It was cordess, and no longer attached a dialling station.The portable phone was used to talk on the phone around your house without staying in one place

The Candlestick Phone

The First Answering Machine

The cellular flip phone

In 2000, Blackberry created the first smart phone, with physical keyboards. It was able to send emails, and instant messages. But, in 2007 Apple announced the iphone, which had a touch screen instead of a keyboard

Blackberry Smartphone

So the phone went from a big machine you spoke into in 1876, to a slim Apple iphone we use now.




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