The Telephone

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The Telephone

Bell was very musically inclined and used the knowledge he had to create the telephone. He knew that several notes could be played at once as long as the notes held different pitches (ex. Piano) and designed the device with this property in mind. The original telephone was a cone shaped, metal instrument with a sheet of parchment spread along the narrow end. A cork was placed on the parchment and then a needle was placed inside the cork. This needle was wired to a battery. When someone spoke into the cork, the parchment vibrated making the needle move. This movement caused an electrical impulse to occur which sent the voice with the current through the wire. The wire connected the two receivers and made communication possible.


The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The invention of the telephone completely changed society by drastically improving communication on a global scale.

How did the telephone work?

The invention of the telephone completely changed communication around the world. Before the telephone, communication between people was very hard. If you wanted to contact someone, the only way was to write a letter. This invention allowed people to speak to each other much more efficiently and frequently. It improved relationships between families, companies, and ultimately created a more social society.

How did the telephone impact society?

Where do we see the telephone today?

The telephone has become a necessity in today's society. Although it has undergone many improvements, it remains a vital piece of technology all around the world. Because of these improvements, the majority of people carry a phone around with them wherever they go. The telephone continues to improve communication and allow people to speak to one another no matter how far away they are.



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