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Inventors and Inventions

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The Telegraph

What Impacts did it have ?The telegraph changed the Industrial Revolution because it was way more easier to communicate through distances.It made it possible for people to get imformation faster, which made America more aware of what was going on aorund them. One example of how it was used in the Industrial Revolution was by when it was used by soldiers and family memebers to send eachother a few words that could let them know that they were okay.

The Telegraph

Samuel Morse

The Telegraph

Electricity was sent over wires by intensity batteries.The flow of electricity would be irregular for shorter or longer periods by pressing down on the key of the device. The appeared dots or dashes would be recorded on a printer or later interpreted orally.

Samuel Morse was American.From the images I have seen he looks like a serious wealthy man.

When & Where?

The telegraph was invented around 1835-60s, during the industrial revolution.The telegraph was built in the United States. Morse primarily wanted to build a telegraph from Washington to Baltimore.

The Purpose?

The purpose for this invention was to communicate over distances.

What other Inventions?

Yes, it is indeed very important today, because it made it posibel for the telephone , internet and radio to emerge. Now, we are able to communicate in just minutes or even seconds!

The telegraph lead to the invention of the telephone, which then converted to a mobile phone.

Important today?


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