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[2015] Andrew Maharg: The Tectonic Times Page 1


Breaking News! PANGAEA SPLIT!

On sunday night our local scientists confirmed that all 7 of the continents used to be connected in one super continent! Here's what Alfred Wegener had to say. "I had some theories that this is what happened. I called it 'Continental Drift' but no one believed me because I couldn't explain how, but I had plenty of evidence" He describe the evidence as is:A) Same fossils on different continents.B) Same glacial grooves on different continents.C) The continents fit together like puzzle pieces."But finally, I do know how this had happened." said Wegenger, "the continents are on these pieces of lithosphere, or crust, that float on the jelly like asthenosphere, and they are able to move because of convection that is happening in the mantle."You can find more information about plate tectonics and pangaea on our website: www.TectonicTimesNews.org/Pangaea_Split.

Local Continental/Continental Convergent boundary makes mountain

A mountain that is 5 miles high, yup, you heard that right. A continental/continental convergent boundary had pushed against themselves and created the tallest mountain ever! And even better, our website is holding a contest to name the baby! The baby naming contest will be held on our website: www.TectonicTimesNews.org/Baby_Naming_Contest.

Have you seen me?

Teresa the transform boundary has been kidnapped! This transform boundary was last seen sliding by Sacramento, causing earthquakes in California. If you see her please contact us at 555-123-4567.

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