The Techno Space Shuttle

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The Techno Space Shuttle

Chemical Detection are fiber sensors created by NASA to be used in Space vehicles to detect chemicals. They have highly sensitive scanners and can now be found in manufactering industries all over the world.

Spinoff technology is when some person combines two different inventions or more to create a completly new invention. They are made to help us in our daily life and can be really useful, in many ways.

The invention I have made is called the Techno- Space Shuttle. It is a spinoff technology that was made by the idea of Collision Avoidance Systems, Better Software, and Chemical Detection.It even has a robotiic arm to move debris out of the way. It will be able to make space travel much safer.

Collision Avoidance Systems were created by NASA to protect space/air craft from crashing. They can be now used in many diferent kinds of transportation such as automotives and many others.

Better Software was created by the teamwork of NASA and a certein software compaany. It was created to help the user in finding the imformation they want in a less amount of time than before. The user used to have to spend wasted time just looking for imformation, but now their able to find it almost instantly. NASA also uses it to collect imformation in space, much quicker.

The Techno- Space Shuttle takes astronauts into space like any other shuttle, but it was designed to protect the astronauts at least ten times as much. It is made out of the mineral titanium, which is alloyed with a kind of element called Ti 6-4. Ti 6-4 is used for the structual design of air/space craft. It also has a robotic arm to protect the ship from upcoming debris or something. Another good thing about the space shuttle is titanium does not rust like metal so the shuttle will last longer. One weakness it has is the inside of the ship is very fragil so if heat from the atmosphere gets into the ship, something bad might happen. One good thing is that there is extra insulation so heat won't easily get in the ship. The ship also has sensors to see if there is a problem in the ship so the astronauts can be prepared. Also there is upgraded suits in the ship that potect the astronauts if something goes wron. Also the suits have 24 hours of oxegon in them. Also one con in this plan is the actual ship, made out of titanium, would cost a lot of money. Maybe next time I can find a material that is not as much money but still tough.


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