The Tamarin Monkey

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The Tamarin Monkey

The Tamarin MonkeyBy: Sage Gatling

Habitat Most tamarins live in the Atlantic Forest.The tamarins like to live in the rainforest trees. The tamarins need to live in the rainforest because they need alot of room to roam. This helps them stay healthy and active.

Diet The tamarin monkey dose not eat a lot of foods. Some of the foods it eats are fruits, nuts, incects and, plenty of water

The Future I think the future for the tamarin monkey is going to end out well. I think this because people are helping by donating money to help make founds so we can build shelters for the tamarins. People are also monitering the tamarins in the rainforest by installing camras to make sure they aren't in need of human help.

Why This problem has developed because of a couple of reasons. The first and main raeson is because of illegal logging in the rain forest. Every time workers cut down the trees in the forest for our good, it destroys one of the tamarins habitat. Another reason that relates to this is, the expanding of land. The both of these involve the destruction of thetamarins habitat.

FeaturesThe tamarin monkey is a 1ft. animal that is 1 pound. It has a tail that could be as long as 17 inches. The golden lion tamarin is however just over a pound. It can grow as long as 14 inches. Its tail can grow up to 16 inches. The interesting part about it is that it has a full mane that circles its head.


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