The Tale of Two Schools

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The Tale of Two Schools

A Tale Of Two Schools

1923Supreme court ruled the laws against bilingual teaching unconstitutional. This allowed the children to both be citizens of the United States while also keeping a spiritual tie to their ancestors by speaking their native languange.

1999-2000An official parish enrollment counted 700 white students gone since the year before. This was in response to the Brown vs. Board ruling back in 1954. Parents thought that their children would do better in a white dominated school vs. a mixed school. When in fact the enrollement pole incated the exact opposite as there was no "Black flight."source:

2000Kentuky allows mixing of races in school after the court ruling. All schools must allow no less than 15% and no more than 50% of African Americans into their schools. A girl sued the girl after claiming "reverse descrimination" because she was white. source:

1954Brown vs. Board case was apealed and sent to the Supreme Court. The Mendez family was able to enroll their children into the 17th Street in Westminister legally. New schools were opened near Garden Grove that fall.

1944In Westminister California the Gonzalas family was told that their kids with dark complections had to attend a different school then those who were lighter skinned. At the different school they were taught different things such as how to farm, they weren't taught to read or write like the regular school.

1896The Plessy vs. Ferguson case made it legal to have racial segregation. Ogle said the segregated schools had it's advantages like teaching the students to speak, but the tesimonies against this said otherwise as the children could already speak fluent English.

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