The Tale of Despereaux

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The Tale of Despereaux


Author: Kate DiCamillo

Book report



Title: The Tale of Despereaux



One is when Mig brings food to the dungeon for Gregory and he eats the chicken bonens.Second reaction is when Mig cuts Despereaux tail off.Third reaction is when Mig gets clouts in the ear for no reason.I feel sad for Mig and Despereaux and digust by Gregory.

I like the Book!

Glog by:Kayla P.

I would recommend this book to Ariha.I would do that because she loves to read long books and The Tale of Despereaux has 269 pages.I think most of the books she reads are adventure, and the book is adventure when Despereaux gos on a quest to find princess Pea.Arhia loves fiction and the book is fiction because a mouse can't talk or a rat. Most of all I think you can not band soup from a kindom.

I rate this book!

In The Tale of Despereaux the book takes place in a castle.In the castle there is a dungeon.Also a kitchen were there is a little action when a mouse gets his tail cut off.Last there is a mouse commuity in the castle walls.

Despereaux a young mouse was not normarl and in love with a princess.He was also sent to the dungeon because of his family.Mig a servent working at the castle and she dreams of becoming a princess.She also helps a rat Roscuro that likes light(rats usally hate the light)get revenge on princess Pea.He wants to get revenge on princess because when he went to the banquet to see light princess Pea spotted him in the chandelier and it became a huge disaster.

Genre:Fansty and Fiction

The Tale of Despereaux is about a mouse that gos on a quest for a princess the love of his life.Also the mouse that no cares for and gos to the dungeon because of his family.Roscuro a rat that lives in the dungeon.Roscro gets revenge on the princess Pea for spotting him at the banguet in the chandelier he was not doing any thing to any body and he just wanted to see light. A servant girl Mig working at the castle helps Roscro get revenge on princess Pea.The Tale of Depereaux will blow your mine.


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