The Taiga

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The Taiga

The Taiga

CLIMATE:It snows a lot in the taiga. Temperature in the taiga is ussually below freezing in winter and fewer than 4 months have a average of 50 farenheit.

PRECIPITATION:It occurs in two ways in the taiga. These two ways are snow and rain. it snows about 20-40 inches. It rains about 10-20 inches. The yearly precipitation is about 40 inches.

ANIMALS:The most common animals of the taiga are, Moose,Snowshoe Hare, Artic Fox,Artic Wolves,Squirrels,Elk,Deer,Wolverines,Lynxes,Grizzly Bear,Eagles,Owls,Peregrine Falcons,Snowy Owls, Snow Geese,Mosquitoes,andants.

PLANTS:The most common trees are Spruce,Pine,Fir,Birch,Oak,Willow,and Alder.The needles of a pine are very smooth to help keep water inside the dark casing of the tree. Some plants are Blueberry Bushes.

LOCATIONS:The Taiga is located between 50 degrees latitude north and the artic circle. The Taiga is located in countries such as Alaska,Canada,Norway,Sweden,Finland,Russia,and northern Mongolia.

INTERESTING FACTS:1.Taiga is Russian for forest.2. About 32,000 species of insects in the Taiga.3. Many of the animals in the Taiga are able change color based on the season


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