The Taiga Cordillera

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The Taiga Cordillera

My Ecozone The Taiga Cordillera

This ecozone is very dry. The tall mountains block most of the precipitation, which averages to 250-350 mm per year. It experiences long cold winters (-24 degrees celsius ) which last on the ground for 6-8 months. It also experiences short but cool summers (13 degrees celsuis ) and a average growing season anywhere from 90-130 days.

The Taiga Cordillera is located along the borders of the Yukon and Norwest Territories.This ecozone is very mountainous. -it has towering peaks- untamed rivers flowing through sheer rock walls -broad uplands dominated by alpine and arctic shrubs and flowers -it has wetlands and spruced -lined valleys that support many kinds of wildlife. - The valleys that seperate the mountainous ridges and ranges tend to be very broad.This ecozone contains some of Canadas largest water falls , deepest canyons and wildest rivers .

The diverse habitat supports a wide range of mammals including two types of caribou and bears. Some mammals include black bears, grizzly bears , dalls' sheep, moose, mountain goat. Birds include the northern goshawk , boreal owl the spotteed sandpiper and the rusty blackbird. The cordillera has too cold of a climate for amphibians and reptiles

Tundras of all type are located here along with a lot of scattered forest. It is uncommon to see mountain ranges that are not covered with trees, but plants with deep roots like trees cannot grow here. This is because the soil beneath the surface is usually covered with permafrost .Therefore this leaves the ground covered by lichens, mosses, low shruds, and sedge. The cordillera has a variety of very poor soil. This is because the soils are frozen throughout most of the year and thaws to moderate depths in the summer. This region is easily detroyed by vehicles and might take decades to grow back.

In this region there is a population of 300 people and 256 of them settled in the city of Old Crow. This city is the main settlement in this ecozone. The most well know activities in this area would be hunting, trapping ,tourism and outdoor recreation. Also some mining has taken place in this region. Any industrial developments related to this area's rich oil and mineral reserves are only few and the most of the region remains a wilderness area.

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