[2015] Jessica Korpi: The Sword of Summer

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[2015] Jessica Korpi: The Sword of Summer

In the beginning of the story, Magnus Chase is homeless and on the run with his friends Blitz and Hearth. He gets caught by his uncle Randolf and forced to look for a sword called the Sword of Summer. He finds it but gets killed in the process, with the Sword becoming lost once again. The End, right? Wrong. Magnus goes to the Norse afterlife hotel of Valhalla after being chosen by the Valkyrie, Sam al-abbas, but when he gets a quest to save the nine worlds, things change. Blitz, Hearth, Sam and Magnus set off on the adventure of a lifetime. They have to rebind Fenris Wolf in order to save all of the worlds from Doomsday. They succeed, but have to do a lot of small side quests in order to complete their quest; most involving dangerous missions for the gods. In the end, order is restored, Fenris Wolf is rebound and Magnus finds and befriends the Sword of Summer. Loki plots his next move.


The Sword of SummerBy: Rick Riordan


Loyalty:Loyalty is a major part of The Sword of Summer. Each character has to figure out who is loyal to which cause. The four friends were completely loyal to each other. Each one would have sacrificed his/her life for the others. Magnus actually did, to save the lives of many humans. Loyalty is key. Without it, the events in this book would be a whole lot more chaotic.


Magnus Chase: Magnus has a plan. He has to save the worlds from Doomsday, prove himself to the people around him and make friends with the Sword. He gains confidence and acceptance through each quest and never gives up.Sam al-Abbas: Sam also has goals. She wants to save the worlds from Doomsday, but in the beginning, she can't be trusted. Sam is a key fighter during the quests, but learns to be humble in th end.Blitzen: Blitz's main goal is to protect Magnus, but he plays a key part in stopping Doomsday. He might be funny, but he greatly lacks self confidence. By the end, he finds his confidence through a hopeless quest.Hearthstone: Hearth also has a mission to protect Magnus, but his magic plays a big part in ending Doomsday. He might be deaf and mute, but his quiet aura is helpful to all that are around him. By the end he also gains confidence and complete magical power.

This book is right out of Norse Mthyology. There are nine worlds connected by a world tree. The afterlife has many different places. This book mostly covers Valhalla.


"And then, I died." ~Magnus Chase"Today is free-for-all combat. I love Tuesdays." ~Mallory: Valhalla resident"Oh, much worse, it's the Squirrel" ~Blitzen


The End!


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