The Swell 20's

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The Swell 20's

The Swell 20's


The 1920's

Right after World War I, Canada entered a great recession. People were poor, and life was miserable. But in the 1920's, the economy miraculously picked up, and people started to rejoice. Canadian citizens now had money to blow, and what did they blow it on? On the new inventions of course! These new inventions included cars, home appliances, suits, dresses, and a whole lot of other dandy inventions. Also, there was now electricity in the houses, so appliances such as radios, telivisions, and other devices were quite popular in common households. Aside from the numerous luxuries that Canadians enjoyed, there was also many forms of entertainment that they enjoyed as well, like short movies, dancing, and music. The 1920's is considered one of the most happiest periods in Canadian history, and it is also considered the beginning of the new modern age.

These people are celebrating a birthday. The happiness in this picture displays how joyful the 1920's were.

"The Roaring Twenties"

The 1920's was popularly known as "The Roaring Twenties". This is because the economy and social life was "roaring" in the cities of the 1920's. Credit was created so people could easily afford things that were very expensive. Since people could buy items on credit, more families had cars, refrigerators, radios, and etc., which caused the economy to skyrocket. The stock market was a huge cause for many families wealth.

Seeing that the economy was booming, the fashion became more elegant and upper class.

The Invention of the Snowblower

Canadian inventor, Arthur Sicard invented the snowblower in 1925. In 1927, he sold the first snowblower to the town of Outremont, Montreal, Canada. This snowblower had a four wheel drive truck chassis and truck motor, a snow blower head with two adjustable chutes, and a motor to drive the snow blower head. This invention allowed the user to throw snow into the back of the truck, or more than 90 feet away from the truck. Without Arthur's amazing invention, we wouldnt be able to clear our roads of snow in the winter.

Sicard snowblower in 1927

Sicard snowblower removing snow in 2012, Quebec.

Music in the 1920's

Music was enjoyed by everyone in the 1920's. The lively and upbeat music was a perfect reflection of the 1920's, because the 1920's was a very happy time. The most popular music genres were jazz and classical music.

Jazz Music of the 1920's.

Films in the 1920's

People loved silent films in the 1920's. There were around 451 theatres in Canada. Talking films aired in 1927, and those were loves as well. Most films were short documentaries, and alot of the films were based off of U.S culture. The films represent the 1920's because they were mostly joyful, or heartwarming.

This is a video of New York in 1928. This would be something that Canadians would watch in the 1920's.

Sports in the 1920's

Sports were gaining popularity really fast in the 1920's. With athletes like Lionel Conacher, who wouldn't want to go watch sports events? Canada participated in the 1920 Olympics, and won 8 medals. People mostly enjoyed our national sport: hockey.

The Persons Case

In the 1920's, 5 brave women from Alberta fought a legal and political battle so that women can be recognized as women under the BNA act. The decision made by the British Privy Council was a great milestone for the rights and freedoms of Canadian women. The 5 women involved in the glorious victory were: Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, and Irene Parlby.

The "Famous Five". These 5 women won women in Canada the rights and priverlages that they deserved.


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