The Supply Chain (Assignment), Construction Trades

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The Supply Chain (Assignment), Construction Trades

The supply chain = a flowing network of businesses involved in getting products and services to customers. In this class lesson, we are going to analyze the basic chain of supply for businesses. You will create an interesting 2-minute presentation of this chain for your classmates. Begin by choosing a product that you enjoy or use frequently (ex: bottled water, a Dell computer, cell phone, Hanes t-shirt, etc.). Before you have even purchased this product at a retailer, it has already traveled through many important development phases leading up to the store shelf. Place your vocabulary terms in the correct order in which they occur in the supply chain (Refer to the video on your right!) Now, beginning with the raw materials used to produce this product, create a visual (flow chart/drawing, poster,etc.) to show the stages of this product leading up to the consumer's hands! (Remember to use all vocabulary in your presentation!)


Business Basics 101: The Supply Chain

Get inspired!Check out these examples!

Building Vocabulary: Using the provided website, define the following basic business terms.


1)manufacturer __________________2)supplier ______________________3)wholesaler _____________________4)distributor ____________________5)raw materials __________________6)retailers _______________________7)logistics _______________________


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