The Super Sports Watch

by shellyjoann
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The Super Sports Watch

The Super Sports Watch

The Super Sports Watch is a watch that monitors your pulse (heart rate), has a voice-activated time teller, has a stop watch, tells you your pace by mph, tells you how far you have gone (km or mi), shows you the temperature of the day and the weather and shows you your goals for the week. You can also connect headphones or earpieces to hear the music that you have downloaded onto it and for the bonus; it has a GPS that tells you exactly where you are in the world. This is a touchscreen device that automatically locks the screen so that nothing will be changed while you are running/jogging/walking. This device can be used to excel in any sport or excercise.

The Super Sports Watch is very important to have because it helps you reach your active goals in an easy and fun way! Don't worry, you'll be healthy in no time!

Consumer Fitness Project Milestone 1

The Super Sports Watch

Shellymar Repollet12345 Sussex Dr.Orlando, FL 123453/05/13Sports Land12345 FLVS Rd.Orlando, FL 12345Dear Sports Land,My name is Shellymar Repollet and I am selling my newest device, The Super Sports Watch. This special watch is targeted mostly for people of 13 years of age or older. Due to the fact that this is a very fragile device and is not a toy. This is mostly for the use of professional athletes or for people who are looking to exercise more often.I am using 2 different advertising techniques. One is the technique called Simple Solutions. I am using this technique because it will surely capture the attention of most people. The second technique is one that many other companies use which is, Glittering Generalities. Most people tend to be insecure about themselves or don't like their body at all. It is sad but it is the truth and this device really can work for them. That is the reason I am using the Glittering Generalities and the Simple Solutions technique.To wrap it all up, I am very pleased to be doing business with you. If any questions just call my number and I will be glad to speak with whoever. Thank you again!Sincerely, Shellymar Repollet

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Try it now for the lowest price ever! All you have to do is call; 1-800-WAT-CHES


Buy The Super Sports Watch now and be in shape in no time!


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