The Super Sixties

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The Super Sixties

The Super Sixties

What happened in the 60's


What trends were going on

There were many new trends in this decade. Both genders wore bell-bottoms and tie-dye. Some trends started from politics, such as Jackie Kennedy and her pillbox hat. Singer Cher, wore long black hair hair and bell-bottoms.

Men wore; tapered dress and paisley shirts, nehru colors, vibrant colors, and different patterns. They also wore velvet trousers and skinny ties. In addition to that, men started to grow longer hair.

The first Doctor Who, Sesame Street, The Brady Bunch, and Star Trek episodes were first aired in the 60's. The first James Bond movie came out also. As well as the book, How to Kill a Mocking Bird.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones became very popular during this period of time. A song that became very popular was (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.

Some actors and actresses became very famous during the sixties. Such as, Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Andrews, and Elvis Presely.

Some things that women wore were; A-lift and shift dresses, blouses, mini skirts, and leather boots. They also started wearing their skirts higher and wearing two-piece bikinis. Along with that, they wore many accesories.

Pop Culture

Who was famous

The Pillbox Hat

Tapered Dress Shirt

Shift Dress

Julie Andrews

Sesame Street

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