The Sun (by sharkey123)

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The Sun (by sharkey123)

The Sun

The Sun is made mostly of a hot ball off gas, containing mostly hydrogen and helium. It has four layers: Core, Photosphere, Chromosphere, and Corona.

Solar Flares

Sun Spot

~dark areas that form on the sun's surface~occurs in a 11 year cycle

~Explosive release of energy that can extend outward as far as the suns outter atmosphere

Core~Nuclear Fusion occurs to produce energy~energy is transfered to the surface through radiative zone and convective zoneCore

Photosphere~Suns suface~energy escapes sun here ~layer we see

Chromosphere~middle layer of sun's atmosphere~temperatures rises with distance away from photosphere~glows red during a solar eclipse

Corona~outer layer of sun's atmosphere~sends streams of electrically charged particals~can cause North Lights seen on Earth

Ally Sharkey & Ashley Kuhn



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