[2016] Libby G: The Sun: Our Sizzling Hot Star

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Planets & Astronomy

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[2016] Libby G: The Sun: Our Sizzling Hot Star

Fun FactYou think Jupiter is big? It's only as big as the Sun's core! Now, imagine how small we are!

Science FactIt takes one Astronomical Unit (8.3 minutes) for the Sun's light to reach Earth.

The Sun: Our Sizzling HOT Star

The Sun is GIGANTIC!

The Sun and the planets

Here are the Suns 5 main layers! They are the corona, chromosphere, photosphere, convection zone, radiative zone, and the core.

The Sun's energy is produced by the core.

The Sun is the center of our whole solar system.

Our Sun is a big fiery ball of gas.

Corona: This layer forms the Sun's atmosphere Chromosphere: A thin region below the corona, only 30,000 km thick Photosphere: It's the visible part os the Sun that we can see from Earth Convection zone: A region about 200,000 km thick where gases circulate Radiative zone: A very dense region about 300,000 thick Core: The center of the Sun and the production of the Sun's energy

The Sun is a STAR!

There are 8 main types of Stars(Suns). They are...

Z biggest 2 smallestBlue supergiantsRed giantsBlue giantsYellow dwarfsRed dwarfsBrown dwarfsWhite dwarfsNeutron starsOur Sun is a Yellow dwarf!

The Sun has sunspots. They are cooler areas in the photosphere. They appear dark. They can be as large as 50,000 in diameter.

The Sun has solar flares. they are regions of extremely high temperature and brightness that develop on the sun’s surface. They're usually associated with sunspots.


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