The Sun, Moon, Earth

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The Sun, Moon, Earth

This is a Total Lunar Eclipse

1 Month: The time it takes for the moon to revolve around the Earth.

The Sun, Moon, Earth, and Tides

All of these are eclpises and the two pictures to the right are high and low tides. The two pictures on the left are partial eclipses.

Solar Eclipse: The moon's shadow covers part of Earth.Lunar Eclipse: Earth's shadow is completely covering the moon.Tides: The gravitational force of the moon acts on Earth, pulling on the solid parts of Earth at times for low tide and the water parts at others for high.

It takes years for total eclipses to occur while the tides happen daily.

This is a Total Solar Eclipse

Tides occur as both neap and spring tides. A neap tide is when the garavitational force of the moon doesn't work with the gravitational force of the sun.

Moon Phases:1.) New Moon2.) Waxing Crescent3.) First Quarter4.) Waxing Gibbous5.) Full Moon6.) Wanning Gibbous7.) Third Quarter8.) Waning CrescentAnd when the moon revolves around the Earth one full time is one month.


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