The Sun and Moon

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Planets & Astronomy

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The Sun and Moon

The sun allows Earth to have life. It gives the Earth light, heat, and energy. The sun is the closest star to Earth. Earth and the other planets in our Solar System orbit around the sun. The sun is a big ball of burning gases! We have seasons, because Earth has a titled axis that always points the same way. Therefore, at different times of the year, the rays from the sun hit Earth at different parts.

The Sun and Moon

The moon orbits around the Earth, and it takes about 27 days. The moon goes through phases as it orbits the Earth. It starts as a new moon, and about halway through becomes a full moon. The moon looks like it changes shape, but actually it is reflecting light from the sun in different ways. Fun Facts:- The moon has no atmosphere. You couldn't breath without an oxygen tank!- The moon's gravity force causes ocean tideas on Earth.-Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.- The moon has craters, mountains, and valleys.

The Moon

The Sun

Literacy Connection

Think-aloud activity: We are going to read the book If You Decide to Go to the Moon. I am going to model thinking aloud while I'm reading. Students, you are going to think about your thoughts and write them down on your sticky notes. Together, we will all do a think, pair, share of our thoughts. How do our thoughts relate to our unit on space?


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