The Summer I Turned Pretty

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

Author: Jenny Han

Title: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Main EventsThey get to the summer house. Jeremiah and Conrad both have started to act really weird. Belly and Jeremiah have gotten really close this summer. conrad won't have out with his friends anymore. Belly invites Taylor with her to the summer house. Taylor tries to get all the attention from Jeremiah and Conrad. Belly meets this guy at a party named Cameron and starts to like him. Conrad gets in a really big fight at the same party they all went to. Cameron and Belly started going out a few days after that party. Belly had her first kiss given by Jeremiah on a truth or dare contest. Belly celebrated her birthady like all the years of her life at the summer house at cousins. Conrad said he totally forgot belly's birthday and just not gave her anything. Conard went to visit Belly in the winter almost at midnight, and Belly went running outside to meet him and forgot to put on a coat.

SettingsThe summer house at cousins.

CharactersBelly (Isabel)LaurelJeremiahConradSusannahStevenCameron Taylor


Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

Jeremiah and Belly have gotten really close this summer. Belly has had a crush on Conrad for some time now, but Jeremiah and her are starting to get really close too. Since Conrad is acting all weird and stuff and won't even hang out with Belly, Jeremiah and Steven. Jeremiah started acting all weird too. He wasn't himself when he and Belly hung out together but he was still Jeremiah. Everyone started noticing the changes in Jeremiah like when he wouldn't like to do the things he usually liked to do. Steven started to feel left out of all this because no one would want to spend any time with him anymore. Steven was leaving for college interviews pretty soon and he already felt left out of everything eveyone did around at the summer house.

I don't really know what goes here so I'm just going to write this down. I think this book was relly great because it really got me interested in ramantic books. Know I read romantic booke every single time I find good one .This book was realistic in some ways like Jeremiah's and Conrads mom Having cancer. Belly's parents got divorced when she was younger. Many things happen in the book and in real life too.

I think the book was awesome and it's a really good way to start to get into romace. I liked how Jeremiah and Belly got really close together that summer. I like how how belly met someone before she went back to scool and that Cameron treated her really well. They made really good couple together and shouldn't of have had seperated. I loved the end part when Conrad went to Belly's house to take her somewhere at the middle of the night that winter. THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME!


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