The Struggle for North America

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The Struggle for North America

History time line



Disagreements between France and Great Britian arose when English colinists settled on land claimed by France in the Ohio River Valley. This despute over land led to the French and Indian 153

In 1707 the king of England united England and Scotland and named the new country Great Britian. Its people were now known as "British." British settlers fought the French over land in North America wich caused the French and Indian war. pg. 153


On April 18, 1775, British general Thomas Gage sent about 700 soldiers from Boston. They had oders to seize the weapons and arrest and that was the revolution. pg. 161




March 6, 1770

April 18, 1775

War between Great Britian and France in Canada ended with the fall of Montreal. But battles between the two countries continued in Europe until 1753, when France was defeated. The two countries signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the French and Indian war. pg. 154

On March 1770, colonists gathered at the Boston Customs House, where taxes on goods from Great Britian were paid.The group included Crispus Attucks, a person who had escaped from slavery. It seems that a member of the crowd insulted a British soldeir, who knocked the boy down. Other colonists threw snoballs at the gard. British soldiers fired into the crowd, killing five colonists, including Attucks This event became the Boston Massecre. pg. 158



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