The story of The Statue Of Liberty

by ElizabethCoomer
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The story of The Statue Of Liberty

Seatwork Choose 1

InstructionsMon. Listen to the Main Idea as you read along on pages 284 & 285. Complete 1 & 2 on pg. 285.Tues. Listen tot he vocabulary strategy and and do the Write part on page 287.Wed. Listen to as you read along the story of The Statue of Liberty. Read it on your own as well. Write a sentence with 5 of your spelling words.Thurs. Do one of the seatwork assigments. Post all your work on the Glog.Frid. Take the selection test and complete the LearnZillions assigned. Read the level readers asssigned to you and complete the worksheets in your packets.

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Click here for a virtual tour of the Statue!


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