The Story of Marie Curie

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The Story of Marie Curie

Marie Caurie was a scientist who discovered radioactive materials. She was born on November 7, 1867. Her mother dies of Tuberculosis and her father was left to take care of four children. She learned to read at the age of four. At sixteen she graduated first in her class. Marie Curie loved learning. Marie maried a man name Pierre Curie. Marie and Pierre had two baby girls named Irene and Eve. Pierre was also a scientist. When she had her babies it did not stop her from her work. She was the first person to win two Nobel Prize in both chemistry and physics. He husband died before her second Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


1867 - she was born1877 - bording school1891- enolled University of Paris1894 - Mairried Pierre Curie1897 - dauter Irene was born1903 - Nobel prize in physics1904 - dauter Eve was born1906-her husband died1911- Nobel prize in chemestry1934-she died

First she leared to read at the age of four. Next at sixteen she graduated high school ,Then she was acepted to a school called Sorbonne,she won a Nobel prize and what hapenens next is incredable she won her secont Nobel Prize! And last but not least she discovered ranium!

Lasting Impact

Because Marie Curie discovered radium it has saved lives from cancer and has let sciencetists see through things and bodies!it could also be used for testing dimonds to see if they are real.


The Value Of Learning by Ann Donegan Johnson

The story of Marie Curie



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