The Story of Furniture William Alyssa Leticia

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The Story of Furniture William Alyssa Leticia

The Story of Furniture

ExtractionThe materials are sourced from the wood grown from trees in forests around the world. Lumberjacks cut down these trees to use these for the production process

Production:Trees that are cut down by lumberjacks are taken to highly trained professionals at affordable prices to be taken to wood manufacturing businesses and are then built into all different types of furniture

TransportSydney wide Crane trucks have been o[perating for a decader throughout sydney metro and regional areas providing convenient, hassle free delivery of materialo for woodn furniture products

ConsumptionWooden furniture of all shapes, sizes and colours are built and sold to a range of furnniture shops and retailers

Use:Once furniture is bought, it serves a range of uses and purposes. Furniture may be sold to schools or businesses or used in homes for private use. Furniture may be used for as little as one year until it is upgraded or it may be used for up to 50 years depending on the quality and the users' preferences.

DisposalOnce furniture has been used, people may place their old or broken furniture on the council clean up. They may also choose to donate it to op-shops or furniture stores to be resold and reused

The 4 R's Reuse: There are many wonderful ways that you can resuse wooden products. With a little DIY, you can breathe new life into old decor without having to repaint, replaster or entirely renovate.




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