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The Story About...

-Enjoyment of art and writing-Helps express myself-Able to allow my imagination roam freely-Never done incorrectly -Feels natural-Inspires others

A graphic novelist creates fictional stories in a comic-strip format and gets them published as a book-Graphic Novelists can make a salary of $71,000


The Story about ...


-CCP (Communtiy College of Philadelphia)-8 to 10 pieces of orginial art work-Placement tests-Mathematics and English courses


Future Demand of Graphic NovelistsIf the following do not happen...-No zombie apocalypse-Robots don't take over-No Hunger Games -People lose their imagination/creativityI feel graphic novelist will always been in demand for those that enjoy a good story and amazing art

-Benjamin Franklin, in 1732, printed a political cartoon called Poor Richard's Almanac-THE ADVENTURES OF OBADIAH OLDBUCK by Rodolphe Toffler, printed in 1842, first major graphic novel

Brief History of Graphic Novels


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