The Story About...René Descartes

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The Story About...René Descartes

1. He developed Cartesien geometry, which uses algebra to describe geometry. 2.Descartes created the Cartesiancoordinate system, which allows reference to a point in space as a set of numbers3.His work laid the foundation for calculus.

Born on March 31, 1596 in La Haye en Touraine,France.Died on February 11, 1650 in Stockholm, Sweden because of pneumonia.

Descartes' Accomplishments

The Story about ...René Descartesby Izzi

Father: Joachim DescartesMother: Jeanne BrochardBrother: Pierre DescartesSisters: Anne Descartes, Jeanne DescartesRene Descartes was not married but he did have a daughter named Francine.



An asteroid named after Rene Descartes was called, "3587 Descartes."At the age of eleven (some biographers say nine), Descartes entered college and stayed for eight years. He never got out of bed before 11 in the morning! The Pope banned his works from the Catholic church.

Fun Facts

Books WrittenMeditations on First PhilosophyDiscourse on the MethodPrinciples of PhilosophyThe Passions of the SoulThe WorldRules for the Direction of the MindDescartes: Selected Philosophical WritingsThe Philosophical Writings of Descartes: Volume 3, The Correspondence Treatise of Man Philosophical Essays and CorrespondenceMeditations and Other Metaphysical WritingsMeditations, Objections, and Replies MeditationsDiscourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking Truth in the SciencesOeuvres de René DescartesDiscourse on Method and Related WritingsLa GéométrieThe Description of the Human BodyMeditations on First Philosophy: With Selections from the Objections and RepliesMusicae CompendiumThe Meditations, and Selections from the Principles The World and Other WritingsMeditations on First Philosophy in FocusCahiers De Royaumont/the Philosophy of DescartesDiscourse on Method and MeditationsWow-That's a lot of books!

It is said (although the story is probably a myth) that Descartes came up with the idea for his coordinate system while lying in bed and watching a fly crawl on the ceiling of his room.


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