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The Story About Me

My name is Tenetta and I am a D.C. native. I relocated to Va. after my mom passed away from stage 4 lung cancer. I was not familiar with VA law and so I made a career change to Head Start Teacher Assistant. I am a single mother of 3 lovely daughters and 2 talented, artistic sons.

Once I became a day care worker, I was able to observe first hand how a day care is run . I truely learned the values of a quality program. When parents work 8 hours or more, the care-giver and how the day care program is structured is where your child is spending a huge chunk of thier childhood and so you must choose the day care wisely.

The Story about ...Me, Tenetta GriffinECE 313


Quality Day Care

Tips on how to makean informed childcaredecision.

I never went to a daycare. My grandmother Ruth wanted to help raise her first granddaughter but due to her health it was somewhat of an obstacle. She did not want me to know exactly how ill she was so she told me that her private nurse was my nanny. I grew up with a very kind hearted Nanny whose favorite lipstick was pink.

In the summers I went to my great-gran’s house. Since great-granny had 13 children, I had tons of cousins to play with because 5 of her children lived on the same road with their families. I never went to a daycare. My only childcare memories are of having to drop my own children off at daycare before heading off to school and eventually I work for a private church run daycare. It was a real eye opener.


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