The Story about Duct Tape

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The Story about Duct Tape

The Story About Duct Tape

NEEDVesta was a mother of 2 sons in the navy. She wanted to help out so her job was to inspect and wrap cartridges. She was supposed to put wax on it and a tab to jerk open. Vesta Stoudt noticed that the tab was weak. Her solution was maybe we should use a stronger cloth. Vesta Stoudt was going to talk to her boss. Vesta said, “We should use a stronger cloth”. Her boss said, “Don’t be silly. The government knows what they are doing.” Vesta said, “Everyone makes mistakes she went to go write to the president.” Her letter said your son my sons our neighbor sons could be in danger just because of a tab. She got a letter back from the President. Duct tape was invented to help a mother protect her sons that were in the combat. Vesta Stoudt got a letter from the military and its said thanks for the suggestion. It is now in effect

PROCESS Duct tape was made of vinyl, fabric mesh, and rubber adhesive. These three things together makes duct tape.

by Kayla Room 124

Time line 1Date: World war The military used duct tape for jeeps guns and aircraft.

TIME LINE 3 Soon the color was changed from army green to silver to mach the duct work.

Timeline 2When the military came home they need to build more houses they had duct work and they needed something to hold it so they used the duct tape

TIME LINE 4 The Duck brand made extreme colors such as blaze orange, lime green. cirtron yellow. and for the ladies HOT PINK! And they also made camo tape that looked like a tree


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