The story about Aborigines

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The story about Aborigines

Digital Storytelling

When the Europeans got to Australia they brought small pox which killed or wiped out most of the Aborigines. Now the Aborigines have no problums and still live in Australia.

The Aborigines are still in Australia, most of Australia is tourist cities, but Aborigines still live and stand in Australia.Aborigines have always been in Australia, they have been there for hundreads and mabye thousands of years.

Where they live now and origins

The Story about ... Aborigines

How their lives were affected by European colonists ,Problems they face today in the modern world.

Dreamtime was a time where they shared stories that their ancestors created. They also believed that humans should function this world.

Their Belifs

The Aborigines were mad when they saw the Europeans because they knew they would take over they land.

The Aborigines used white paint to decorate their bodies. They used didgeredoos at festables for music. They also danced at festables.

Their encounters with the Europeans

Arts and Traditions


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