The Storming of Bastille

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The Storming of Bastille

The Bastille was stormed on July 14th 1789.The revolutionaries got through the Bastille, freeing the 7 prisoners in there and killing all of the guards.

Revolutionaries previously stole 28,000 rifles and muskets, but they didn’t have any gunpowder. The largest store of gunpowder was known to be in the bastille, so that’s where they headed.

A little while after the Bastille was taken, all of the revolutionaries were armed with many weapons. Then there was a huge threat to the other groups, such as the Nobilities and the Clergy of Catholic Church.

The Bastille was governed by a man named Marquis de Launay. On July 7th, thirty-two Swiss soldiers led by Lieutenant Deflue, came to help De Launay to prepare for a small mob.

There wasn't much room in the prison, because it could onl hold about 50 prisoners. Not many were put there.The Bastille was guarded by a cannon, eighty soldiers and an additional thirty Swiss Guards.

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