The Steam Engine

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The Steam Engine

The Steam Engine

Who is James Watt?

What is a Steam Engine?

--> Improved production techniques--> allowed for products to be mass produced, which made products for less--> the steam engine was later on used to power boats and trains which made transporting goods and communication faster

Positive Effects of the Steam Engine

Negative Effects of the Steam Engine

James Watt was a Scottish inventor and engineer who was born in 1736 and died in 1819. He helped to improve the steam engine because he had noticed that most of the steam that could be used as energy, was escaping. He also developed the concept of horsepower and had the SI unit of power (the watt) names after him

The steam engine was a machine that was used to do mechanical work. It used steam as its main source of energy. It was the major power source for the industrial revolution.

--> replaced the jobs of many people--> steam engines needed wood and coal to run the machines which then caused for depeletion of forests an fossil fuels--> caused a lot of polution--> increase in respiratory illnesses for people that lived within the cities--> caused a mass migration by people

Positive or negative impact??


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