The Stamp Act

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The Stamp Act

A year after the Sugar Act, the British government created the Stamp Act. This Act made it so that every legal document, newspaper, licenses and other publications needed a stamp which you had to pay for. Loyalist would collect money from the colonist when distributing the stamps. The Stamp Act Congress was when the Virginia House of Burgesses came together to protest the new act. Many colonist werem't happy about the act so many attacked loyalist. Due to the restrictions of the Stamp Act, life for the colonist started to fall apart. Many British merchants realize that the flow of trade was beinning affected by the new tax. The Parliment decided to revoke the act. Life for the colonist was easier without the Stamp Act.

1765 March- The Stamp Act is passed.1765 August- A Loyalist's house is burnt down by angry colonist.1765 October- A meeting is held by the colonist, which was called the Stamp Act Congress.1765 November- The Act goes into effect.1766- Due to the negative feedback, the Stamp act is revoke

Many colonist were angered. This led many colonist to terrorize loyalist who distribute stamps to the colonist. An example would be when the colonist burnt down Andrew Oliver's house. Due to the fear of being attack again, he then resigned from his postion.

How did the People react


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The Stamp Act





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