The Spiffy 20's

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The Spiffy 20's

1920 Movies!

Say What?In the 20's, people started using lots of new slang that described their life. The slang they used contained words like:Swell, booze, bootleggers, flappers, dogs, speakeasy, etc.

Why were they called the Roaring Twenties?The 20's came right after the war, an people were intent on enjoying life. They were trying new things, modern things, things that Canadians had never done before. A lot of happening, including a lot of dancing, movies, drinking, and of course lots of buying! Everything in the 20's was indeed roaring, giving itself that nickname.

In the 1920's, the washing machine was invented. Housewives were saved from washing the laundry, this was their dreams come true! The washing machines weren't fancy looking, but they worked!

The invention of the Washing Machine!

The 1920 life was to enjoy, make life easier, and try things you've never done before. People watched short movies, ones that had no words, just background music. Here's one that shows you exactly what happened in the 20's!

Music in the 20's

The 1920's had very energetic music. Jazz and ragtime were the most popular styles, as they used the upbeat style that fit perfectly with the 20's lifestyle. People made dances just to take advantage of the music. While describing the 1920's, music was definitely a big part.

Sports in the 1920's

One of the new things people started in the 20's was playing sports. Sports were being played before, mostly not professionally, however. But as the 20's came, promoters saw opportunity in sports! People everywhere started playing all kinds of sports! There was baseball, tennis, football, swimming, all kinds of sports for everybody! If you had a chance to play, why not take it!

Movies! Movies started being made and showed in theatres in the 20's. They were usually just a few minutes long, and had no words! But they were definitely entertaining, so why not head down and watch them with all your friends! This is one of the movies that you would probably see if you went to the theatre in 1920. Charlie Chaplin was a famous actor and comedian that was loved by many!


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