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The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles:Lucinda's Secret

Jack Donkers

Jared Grace: the main character of the book. He found Authur's Field Guide that takes him and his siblings on many adventures.Simon Grace: Jared's twin brother. He likes animals and is taking care the griffin, Byron.Mallory Grace: the older sister of the twins. She reluctantly takes part in her brothers adventures.Aunt Lucinda: Her father is Arthur Spiderwick and she has been in the hospital ever since she was attacked by faeiries.



Lucinda's Secret is the third book in the Spiderwick Chronic.les. Ever since Jared, Mallory and Simon have found Authur Spiderwicks Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You, they have been surrounded by magical beings with hostile attitudes. Hoping to learn more about the Field Guide and their long lost uncle Arthur, the kids decide to visit their great-aunt Lucinda, Authur's daughter. Lucinda warns that the family will be in grave danger if they stay at the Spiderwick Estate. Their aunts gloomy prediction appears to come true when they find an old map that leads them to the elves. But the siblings use their bravery and clever minds to get them out of yet another dangerous situation.

Did you know?The Spiderwick Chronicles is a movie!

Authors:Tony DiTerlizziandHolly Black


Byron: A Griffin. He has the head of a hawk and a lions body.

Elves: They rule the forest and the faeries.

Thimbletack: A fairy that guards the Spiderwick house.

Phooka: A shapeshifter that talks in riddles..


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