The Spiderwick Chronicles

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

Creature Names:Angry Thimbletack/ TImbletack~ when mad, feed him honey for him to calm downHogqueal~ eats birds to surviveToad~ works for Molgrath and tries to steal the field guideFaerie~ keeps "company" of great Aunt LucilleGriffin~ Arthur Spiderwick's petMolgrath~ Leader of the toads (wants the Field Guide)

The Spiderwick Chronicles

This book written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black is amazing! Follow Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace in to a dangerous yet amazing adventure to a jaw-dropping place finding a long lost family member missing for years from thier family.

Think about this... you just moved to a huge old home in the middle of a dark forest, and surrounded by dangerous creatures you've never heard of? How will you defend your family from the creatures? How will Jared know the creatures powers and weaknesses? Find out...

Tony came from an artistic family. He was inspired by the artists Dr.Seuss and Norman Rockwell when he was younger. Tony was also inspired by many amazing contributors to children's literature. Once as Tony met Holly Black, they soon began to work together, they made a huge effort, and created 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' series.

Check out some creatures Jared, Simon, and Mallory found in thier great aunt's home...


Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black created the series of "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Read the series of the SpiderwickChronicles!

Arthur Spiderwick



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