The Space Race

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The Space Race

10. GPS NavigationGPS navagation was origanaly developed to unmanually guide rockets.9. Ear ThermometersEar thermometers were origanally developed to measure the tempature of stars.8. Non- Glare ScreensNon- glare screens were origanally doveloped for astronaut helmets.7. 3-D Graphics3-D Graphics were developed to simulate moon missions for in training astronauts.6. The JoystickThe Joystic was originally developed to manually pilot rovers.5. TelemedicineTelemedicine was developed to moniter astronauts health while in orbit.4. Smoke DetectorsSmoke detectors were developed to define different types of gases.3. The Dust Buster It was the origanal development of the chainsaw.2. The LaptopThe Laptop was used for satelite grid systeming.1. Satelite T.VIt was made in the development of making the satelite dish.

The Space RaceBy: Daniel Clayton

Top Ten Inventions Made Thanks to the Space Race

This Is Laika. The dog that the U.S.S.R sent into orbit in Sputnick II. (A rocket ship)

This is Niel Armstrong On the Famous Apollo 11 Mission. As he places down the flag he says " one step for man, one step for mankind".

The Space Race Started on 1957 and it ended on 1975. It was a race beetwen the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R) and the United States (U.S) to see who had technological dominance. We won the space race with the Apollo 11 mission when Niel Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Micheal Collins walked on the moon!

Pictures of important events in history during the Space Race

This is the ship thatlaunched Niel Armstrong and helped us walk on the moon.

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What you will need- Three Sputnik shuttles- Laika the dog- A high budget- Niel Armstrong- Buzz Aldrin- Micheal Collins If you add all of theese ingriedients together you will get the Space Race.



We are interupting this brodcast to inform breaking news! Today we have recieved word that Niel Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Micheal Collins are going to the moon! We are all waiting in shock to see this ship blast into orbit.

Chart of $ spent by Nasa during the Space Race

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